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Understanding Europe

For the schools that want to learn more about the EU, EYP Belgium offers a crash course about its history and institutions, as well as ways to participate as active citizens.

Understanding Europe is a project by the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with EYP Belgium. It aims at providing a basic understanding of the European Union and strengthening the political participation of young people in Europe. The four-hour EU Crash Course is meant for pupils of secondary schools across Belgium, from 4th grade onwards. It is offered in English, French or Dutch and can integrate Geography, History or language classes. It includes a quiz, Q&A round, presentations, workshops and debates. Three questions are situated at the core of every course “Why was the EU founded?”,  “Who makes EU laws?”, “What possibilities do I have to take part?”.

Structure of the workshops

1. Introduction & Icebreakers

1. Introduction & Icebreakers

The purpose of this section is to get to know  the students and loosen them up a bit. The trainers will play a short game(s) with the students to get create a more open and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Europe in 4 corners

2. Europe in 4 corners

The pupils will be asked to think about certain statements and express their thoughts. The pupils will be asked to think about certain statements and express their thoughts. An example of this is Europe makes me think of: a geographical continent, events like the European Championship or the Eurovision Song Contest, many different countries and languages, the EU. 

3. Interactive Workshops

3. Workshops

Why was the EU founded? 

Who makes EU laws?

What possibilities do I have to take part?

4. Discussion

4. Discussion

The pupils will get the opportunity to ask the trainers questions and to talk about them with the rest of the class and the trainers.


Interested in organising an Understanding Europe workshop or want to know more about the project? Then contact our Understaning Europe Coordinator Mateusz Wiza. You can also request the Crash Course at your school here.