Mechelen 2018:

The 3rd International Forum of EYP Belgium

Three weeks ago, the International Forum of Mechelen 2018 was officially declared closed, yet even today, the session remains present within each participant. The Forum took place from the 9th until the 15th of September, in the beautiful city of Mechelen. Mechelen 2018 was the vision of the two Head Organisers, Anja Taelemans and Eline Inghelbrecht, who started working on the project about 2 year ago. After the months of preparation with a team of 18 organisers, the 3d International Forum of EYP Belgium was finally here. It was one intense week, where students from all sides of Europe, in total over 20 nationalities, had the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts and opinions not only between themselves but also with local citizens. Involving locals was one of the main pillars of the session, together with impact, ownership & contribution and sustainability.

The session also aimed to be sustainable and succeeded to do so by reducing packaging, optimising transportation and providing conscious food to the session’s delegates and officials. They worked together with local farms for vegetables and fruit and even made sure that the merchandise sold at the session was as environmentally friendly as possible. They also worked together with Kabbas, a packaging-free grocery store.

In additional to the traditional Teambuilding and Committee Work, activities such as the Panel debate, Cluster talks and Cultural afternoon were organised, enriching the overall experience and uniqueness of the session. It is fair to say that participants had a well balanced time between strong academics and interesting discussions as well as fun times that will allow for some precious memories and connections with fellow europeans.