Teachers & Schools

The EYP, as you may have discovered by clicking through this website, is an opportunity for pupils to further their personal development outside of the common school setting. Furthermore, it offers them a chance to gain knowledge about one of the structures they live in: the European Union. If you are considering to give your students the chance discover just how fun learning can be by joining in one of our events, here’s what you can do.

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to act as a chaperone for underaged students attending conferences and to encourage your students in their active engagement with the session. EYP conferences can be an added value to your traditional classes as it is a non-formal, peer to peer project that educates about European politics and policies in a more interactive way. Ideally, a delegation consists of about 6 students that are around 16 years of age.


Once the decision to participate has been made, the search for a delegation of 6(EYP) or 10 (Europolis) enthusiastic and motivated students can begin.

For a Europolis delegation, the work will start early in the academic year. Students will work as a team and prepare for the session that takes place either in February or March in their school together with the help of their accompanying teacher. We will provide you with documents that explain the topics of the conference and serve as a starting point for your students’ research.

Students participating in an EYP session will get sent reading materials usually around one month prior to the session they are participating in. As students from the same school will get sorted into different committees the preparatory work is individual.  However, most of the work itself will be done at the session, guided by our team of experienced members who ensure that everything runs smoothly. Similar to Europolis sessions, teachers also accompany their school delegation to the EYP session, but a less active academic role is required from them in this instance.

Students partaking in EYP sessions need to be in their fifth year of secondary school, for Europolis conferences, they can either be in their fifth or sixth year. As outlined above, during any of our events we require one or two teachers to join their school delegation during the event. A specific optional teacher’s programme will be provided during our events.


At the end of September or the beginning of October, we organise an annual teachers’ meeting in Brussels. The responsible teachers from all the schools participating that year are invited to this event. During the meeting, the resolution topics for our Europolis conferences are divided among the schools by chance mechanisms. Students participating in EYP sessions will get a choice of topics emailed to them later on in the year. All schools participating in our conferences will also be assigned a country to represent during our Eurovillage.

Teachers interested in our activities are welcomed to join the annual teachers’ meeting as a guest. During this meeting, a chance to speak to members of EYP Belgium and teachers of schools that already participate in our events will be provided. Teachers interested in joining can contact our National Coordinator, Jules.genbrugge@eyp.be or schools@eyp.be.


After the teachers meeting, the actual preparation for the session begins. The students gather information about their topic and prepare a draft resolution stating their ideas and points of view. For Europolis conferences, schools get the opportunity to study the other resolutions after submitting their resolution online. The preparations for Europolis start at the beginning of the school year, while the preparations for the EYP sessions start one month prior to the session.


As a school, you can express your interest in one of our projects by sending an email to info@eyp.be or by directly contacting schools@eyp.be. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and, are always prepared to send experienced members of the EYP Belgium to your school for a face-to-face talk with the school staff and/or the pupils. Europolis, the National and Regional Conferences are outside of the school and interactive, whereas Understanding Europe takes the form of a crash course brought by us to you. Europolis and EYP sessions are similar in intent but different in their methods: in EYP, all work is done within the conference, whereas Europolis participants get to prepare at school.


Do you want more info on how EYP BE works or how you can become a part of our organisation? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.