Regional Conferences

EYP Belgium has since 2017 committed to expanding its reach to more schools by organising regional conferences. Being a relatively new addition to EYP BE’s work, we are constantly on the lookout for schools across the country willing to give EYP a try. Regional conferences are different from our National Selection Conferences both in terms of size and location, but adhere to the same programme of Teambuilding, Committee Work and a General Assembly. A traditional Regional Conference is two days long and hosted on school grounds. 

Leuven 2018 & Namur 2018

From 25th – 26th of October and 7th – 9th November 2018, the Regional Conferences of EYP Belgium will gather a total of around 100 young students from 16 different Belgian schools in Namur and Leuven. During the two-day conferences, the students will talk about current European issues in an open and interactive environment, guided by international ‘Officials’, a group of experienced EYP members who will guide the pupils and document the session.


If you would like more information about our Regional or National conferences, please contact the National Coordinator of EYP Belgium.