National Selection Conference

A National Selection Conference – or: NSC – is every EYP network’s main event. It is a 4-day conference built up out of teambuilding, committee work and a one-day General Assembly. The conference is organised by a team of about 40 officials from all across Europe and aims to offer young Belgians a taste of European debate and culture.

Liège 2019

The session will for the first time ever take place in the beautiful city of Liège from February 25 until March 1 2019 and will gather around 100 delegates, including at least one international delegation. Liège 2019 will be the first National Selection Conference to take place in Wallonia, which represents a huge milestone for our National Committee. On top of this it is also the 25th NSC of EYP Belgium and marks our 25th anniversary. 

The session programme includes one day of Officials Training, one day of Teambuilding, two days of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly. The event will be Head Organised by Gatien Bienfait, under the guidance of our National Coordinator, Jules Genbrugge.

View of last year’s Conference

Last year’s conference in Bruges brought together about 130 people. This video is a summary of what they did during the 4-day conference.


If you would like more information about our Regional or National conferences, please contact the National Coordinator of EYP Belgium.