The National Selection & Regional Conferences

The National Selection Conference

A National Selection Conference – or: NSC – is every EYP network’s main event. It is a 4-day conference built up out of teambuilding, committee work and a one-day General Assembly. The conference is organised by a team of about 40 officials from all across Europe and aims to offer young Belgians a taste of European debate and culture. 

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Leuven 2020

The session will take place in the beautiful city of Leuven from February 18 until February 21 2020 and will gather around 100 delegates, including at least one international delegation. Leuven 2020 will be the 26th National Selection Conference of EYP Belgium. The main theme of the session is ‘Mobility: Paving the road to the future’.

The session programme includes one day of Officials Training, one day of Teambuilding, two days of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly. The event will be Head Organised by François Dejaegere, under the guidance of our National Coordinator, Eline Inghelbrecht. More information and updates can be found on the Facebook page

Regional Conferences

 Belgium has since 2017 committed to expanding its reach to more schools by organising regional conferences. Being a relatively new addition to EYP BE’s work, we are constantly on the lookout for schools across the country willing to give EYP a try. Regional conferences are different from our National Selection Conferences both in terms of size and location, but adhere to the same programme of Teambuilding, Committee Work and a General Assembly. A traditional Regional Conference is two days long and hosted on school grounds. 

The regional Conferences of EYP Belgium took place in Ghent & Sint-Niklaas this year and gathered a total of over 100 participants. Using the themes of “Establishing equality through education” and “Each of us can make a difference, but only together we can make a change” the students talked about different topics within these themes to come up with resolutions to present during the General Assembly. Click here to read the resolutions of Sint-Niklaas and Ghent.

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A little look back at this year’s conferences: