Mechelen 2018

2018 is going to be a big year for EYP Belgium. Anja Taelemans and Eline Inghelbrecht came up with the ambitious plan of hosting an International Forum, in their hometown of Mechelen. With the river Dyle swivelling through the cityscape, Mechelen is one of Belgium’s more picturesque cities.

The International Forum Mechelen 2018 will take place between 8-15 September. The International Forum, a large-scale international conference with 176 participants from all over Europe, creates the perfect environment for intercultural dialogue and exchange.
Mechelen 2018 will focus on the synergy between local initiatives and European-wide issues. During the Internal Forum, some committees will look at the impact local initiatives can have on the world around us. Many European or global issues can only be truly solved by making changes on the local level. At the same time, committees will take a closer look at how EU policies can be effectively implemented on the local level.

Europe is facing an increasing gap between its citizens and the political landscape that is supposed to represent these citizens. With Mechelen 2018, The European Youth Parliament Belgium aims to bring the European project closer to its inhabitants. The participants of Mechelen 2018 will discuss how small-scale, local initiatives and European-wide plans can interact with each other in order to have an impact on our economy, diversity and sustainability.

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