Individual Participation


Individual Delegate

An individual delegate is someone who is a participant at one of our conferences (Regional and National) without being part of a school delegation. As an individual delegate you can participate in every aspect of the session, the only difference is that you are not guided by your school and need to take matters into your own hands.

What does “being a delegate” mean?

As a delegate you will be asigned a committee with a certain topic. These topics range from climate change to financial issues in the EU and are focussed on Europe and its contemporary issues. During the conference you will debate about the topic with your fellow committee members, who will have researched the same topic as you. The goal is to make a resolution where you’ve identified the key issues of your topic and proposed solutions to them. The pinnacle of each conference is the General Assembly, were you will get the chance to hear about the resolutions of other committees and question them. You’ll also get the chance give speeches attacking other or defending your own resolution. But that’s not all EYP is about, it is also about having fun and making friends. That’s why the programme is often filled other activities like visits of the city or eurovillage/euroconcert.


  • Be in 5th or 6th year of secondary education
  • Be able to miss 2-4 days of school
  • Understand and speak English



Application for our National Conference.