For schools


The European Youth Parliament is one of the most transformative non-formal educational projects your students can experience. Teachers regularly report favourably on the academic, political, social and emotional impacts participating has on their students’ educational and personal growth.

If you are interested in joining an EYP session with your school, get in contact with our national coordinator, he/she will help you find the right event for you. Schools are involved in almost all EYP Belgium’s formal event and teachers are an integral part of our organisation.

As a school, you can partake in our Regional Conferences, Europolis Conferences and the National Selection Conference. EYP Belgium, through the Understanding Europe project, also organises interactive Crash Courses on the functioning and role of Europe. If you are interested in this project, please contact our Understanding Europe Coordinator.

Your role as a teacher

Teachers play a vital role in supporting their students before, during and after EYP sessions. For instance, if national selection processes take place in your country, students will participate in a nation-wide competition to be able to take part in International Sessions of the EYP. Besides organisational matters, this can include assisting students with topic choices, overall preparedness as well as coaching on public speaking, voice projection and personal presence.

EYP sessions both at national and international levels often include a tailored programme for teachers, which includes thematic workshops, networking amongst teachers and a sightseeing programme. 

In the conferences EYP Belgium, there are two types of engagements for teachers.

For our Regional & National Selection Conferences teachers are expected to help their students understand the topics they will be discussing, but mostly teachers are expected to be there at the coference as a chaperone for their students. No resolution should be prepared in advance as the students will be allocated different committees and will work on a resolution during the conference.

Our Europolis Conferences, however, are more dependent on prior preparation. This is because students, unlike at the RC & NSC, are expected to prepare a resolution on a given topic in advance and act together as a delegation at the conference.

Listen to what teachers have to say about our organisation and what they and their students have taken away from their experiences with the EYP.