What We Do


EYP Belgium organises a variety of activities and conferences every year. On this page you will find an overview with all our activities and their general aim.

Open Forum for Youth

We provide a forum for young people to develop and express their opinions on European political and social issues in an open and welcoming environment.

Intercultural Dialogue

We support intercultural understanding and peacebuilding by bringing young Europeans with different backgrounds closer together to share ideas, opinions and practices.

Skills Development

We present young people across Europe with diverse opportunities for personal growth and skills development through non-formal and peer-led educational activities.

Network of Changemakers

We create a network of the next generation of diverse, young changemakers, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to positively shape the world around them.

Our Key Activities



Each year EYP Belgium organises Regional & National Selection Conferences. These conferences are held in English and bring together between 40 and 90 students from all over Belgium and beyond. A welcoming environment and experience-based methodology offer participants a safe space to develop and express their opinions, build intercultural understanding and develop democratic citizenship skills.


Europolis Conferences

Europolis delegates form committees and build resolutions in their own school, during the months preceding the conference. During Europolis conferences, delegates are free to speak their own native language (Dutch, French or German), as there are interpreters who throughout the conference simultaneously interpret all of the debates. There are two Europolis Conferences per year, which both take place in Brussels.

4. Training events in the network -NC Presidents Meeting

Training & Members Events

The EYP network is run by young people, for young people. This means that we take a peer-to-peer approach and organise various training and members events each year. These aim at strenthening the bond between our members but also strenthening important skills like public speaking, media competences, how to organise conferences, how to chair a delegation, … etc. 

Picture taken by Simon Lenze

Understanding Europe

For the schools that want to learn more about the EU, EYP Belgium offers a crash course about its history and institutions, as well as ways to participate as active citizens.  It aims at providing a basic understanding of the European Union and strengthening the political participation of young people in Europe.

Main Elements of our Conferences

Braga 2016_ JoanaGordinho


Teambuilding consists of a variety of activities, often in the form of a game – with a physical, creative and/or problem-solving nature. The committee is guided through this process by a chairperson – an experienced member of the European Youth Parliament. Read more

Salukvadze Nikita_Tbilisi IS_2017_CW

Committee Work

During Committee Work participants learn to express their opinions, to debate them, to negotiate and to convince others of their views on a topic and to actively listen, consider and build on the ideas of others. Read more

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General Assembly

During the General Assembly, the hard work of all the different committees is presented, defended and debated. Each committee presents its resolution to the other committees. For each resolution there is a plenary debate in which the other committees express their comments and raise points of debate, whilst the submitting committee tries to clarify and defend their views. Read more

Eurovillage_76th International Session in Barcelona_2014_by_Olena_Yermakovacrop

Evening activities

A conference always has a busy programme and requires a lot from its participants. Therefore, it is important to have a more relaxed and informal evening programme. Aside from leisure time and breaks meant for socialising, most conferences also feature activities aimed at promoting (inter)cultural exchange. Read more

Our Reach


Each year, the EYP organises over 500 events in 40 countries and brings together around 30,000 participants from across Europe. More than 1,500 schools are involved in the EYP’s activities. 

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