EYP Belgium

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an international youth organisation, founded in France in 1987. With members scattered all over Europe, the EYP aims at educating youngsters on European politics in a fun way, guided by other young people. The Belgian branch, which we now call EYP Belgium, started in 1990. Every year we organise a variety of conferences, differing in size, location and set-up. Here, young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five come together to celebrate European connections and their own creative and well thought through solutions to current European issues. Through an interactive process and by simulating the procedure of European parliamentary conferences, our participants learn the values of being an active European citizen.

EYP Belgium aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of European issues, encourage active European citizenship and motivate young people to get involved in European politics.
  2. Promote international understanding, intercultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Contribute to the personal skills development of European youth.
  4. Provide a forum in which young people of Europe can express their own opinions, without reverting to role play.