Europolis Conferences


Europolis is a project that is exclusively tied to the Belgian branch of the European Youth Parliament. Each year EYP Belgium organises two Europolis Conferences. The main difference between Europolis and EYP Conferences lies in the language that is being used: during Europolis conferences, delegates are free to speak their own native language (Dutch, French or German), as there are interpreters who throughout the conference simultaneously interpret all of the debates. Europolis delegates form committees and build resolutions in their own school, during the months preceding the conference. This presupposes a more elaborate preparation before going to to the Europolis conferences. It also means that the conference itself consists only of a rather brief general teambuilding session and a General Assembly, and a panel debate, which takes up the rest of the programme. 

The first element of a Europolis Conference/Session is Teambuilding, which consists of a variety of activities or games. The delegates are guided in this by the sessions’ officials. Teambuilding is truly a language barrier breaker in these sessions! 

Another icebreaker is the Eurovillage activity. There, each delegation sets up a table with information and food relating to a specific European country. This way, they get to know the different European countries in a pleasant, culinary way, as well as the delegates from the other schools.  It is a lot of fun and often accompanied by music, resulting in quite the party!

Concerning the panel debate, it consists of a discussion held between the assembly and political “personalities” concerning different topics. The delegates are encouraged to ask their questions to the guests, to share their opinion on the matters discussed. The panel usually consists of Belgian Members of the European Parliament, which provides the participants with more insight in this institution. 

This year’s conferences will be taking place in Brussels from 04-06 March and 18-20 March 2020.