Board 2018 – 2019

In order to keep our members happy and our sessions running smoothly, EYP Belgium is of course guided by a group of young people, who are elected into their respective positions each year. We call them our Board.

Catarina Bustorff

President of the Board – Keeping an overview on all matters EYP, the President guides the board members in their work and is the primary responsible for the long-term planning and strategy.

Yannick Léonard

International CoordinatorThe International Coordinator sees to it that our organisation is always in touch with the larger EYP network. It is also his task to aid our members in going to even more EYP events abroad.

Constance de Walque

Members CoordinatorIn order to keep our members active and involved, the Members Coordinator organises events and trainings outside of the session schedules.

Jules Gebrugge

National CoordinatorThe National Coordinator sees to it that each EYP session is meticulously organised. He also communicates with the teachers involved in the EYP conferences.

Sana Pervaiz

Fundraising CoordinatorMoney doesn’t grow on trees! As we are a non-profit organisation, our Fundraising Coordinator is constantly on the lookout for sustainable partnerships and donations.

Laura Mulders

External Relations CoordinatorOur contact with the world outside of EYP is secured thanks to the External Relations Coordinator. It is her task to attract new members and monitor the interaction with third parties.

Aline Daneels

Europolis CoordinatorOur own little ‘très belge’ project Europolis, a smaller-scale version of our usual conference format and held in both Dutch and French, is followed closely by our Europolis Coordinator.

Johan Koe

Understanding Europe CoordinatorEYP Belgium offers crash courses on the workings of the European Union to high school students under the title ‘Understanding Europe‘, a project which is followed closely by our Understanding Europe Coordinator.

Lars Van Bourgognie

TreasurerMaking sure our multiple conferences and member events have the necessary funds allocated to them means participants only have to worry their participation itself. We can always call upon the treasurer to check our budgets and keep our costs in check.


Do you want more info on how EYP BE works or how you can become a part of our organisation? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.