EYP International


The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest and most dynamic youth organisations in Europe, currently represented in 40 European countries.

As a peer-to-peer educational programme, the EYP is much more than the sum of its events – it’s an ecosystem that provides its volunteers and members with an environment to learn, grow and take on responsibility in a multitude of roles.

Not only are all EYP activities driven by young people – the members of the EYP also jointly steer and shape the future of the organisation at large. With close to 40 member organisations across Europe, the EYP is a vibrant network of thousands of people.


The  EYP is a politically independent educational project tailored specifically to the needs of young European citizens. The EYP encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills. The way it works, is unique: every year more than 35.000 young people from 40 different European countries meet at one of more than 600 regional, national and international events. Over the past twenty years the organisation has become one of Europe’s largest platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the exchange of ideas among young Europeans.

The EYP grew from a small school project in 1987 in Fontainebleau, France. An important characteristic of the EYP is that our participants defend their own views and not those of a particular political party or a country. The EYP covers topical issues and does not avoid controversial topics. Through our conferences we encourage independent thinking and personal development.

With its presence in 40 different European countries  the EYP is more easily accessible than any other European project. Schools from all over Europe submit their candidacy to their National Committees and can thus participate in the national rounds and try to get selected for an international session. International friendships boasting mutual understanding of different cultures and points of view is an integral part of the EYP. 

The EYP has in the past obtained the support of key figures in European politics such as José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), Neelie Kroes (Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Digital Agenda), Jerzy Buzek (MEP, Former Prime Minister of Poland and president of the European Parliament) and Thorbjørn Jagland (Secretary General of the Council of Europe).

The Governing Body

The Governing Body (GB) is the EYP’s international board that represents the interests of the network as a whole. It is mainly responsible for the strategic development of the EYP and for facilitating the work of the organisation at the international level. In collaboration with the national committees and the members of the organisation, it establishes guidelines that ensure the quality and safety of the EYP’s activities, and it oversees the three annual International Sessions.

The GB is composed of six elected members, four of which are elected by the National Committees and two by the EYP’s members. A representative of the Schwarzkopf Foundation also sits on the GB. The Executive Director of the EYP participates in every meeting.

The members of the Governing Body in 2019 are: Noura Berrouba (Sweden), Nataliia Senatorova (Ukraine), Anne Rolvering (Germany, Executive Director, Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe), Dionysis Patriarcheas (Greece), Maria Manolescu (Romania), Helga Dirlinger (Austria), Marek Navrátil (Czech Republic) and Lukas Fendel (Germany, Executive Director at the International Office of the EYP).

The Board of National Committees

The Board of National Committees (BNC) is the general assembly of National Committees (NCs) and acts as the voice of National Committees on the international level. The BNC gathers twice a year in Berlin, and has full co-decision powers with the GB; meaning that any policy proposals made by the GB must be approved by the BNC. The BNC can also take the initiative and make proposals and recommendations to the GB. Besides decision-making, the BNC acts as a platform for National Committees to share knowledge and know-how. The work of the BNC is facilitated by a board, which is elected annually by all National Committees.

The International Office of the EYP at the Schwarzkopf Foundation

The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament. The International Office of the European Youth Parliament is run by the Executive Director, who is supported by a team of project managers, assistants and long-time volunteers.

EYP Youth-led Organisation at a Glance