Welcome to the site of EYP Belgium! Here you will find information on our organisation, who is, and can get involved and how everything works. Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@eyp.be if you need more information or are interested in joining.

Regional Conferences of EYP Belgium 2018

The Regional Conferences of 2018 have now come to an end. Although the first-ever regionals were held just last year, it is fair to say that this year managed to bring a lot of novelties. Namur 2018 The first regional was held between the 24th and the 26th of October,...

The International Forum of Mechelen 2018

Mechelen 2018: The 3rd International Forum of EYP Belgium Three weeks ago, the International Forum of Mechelen 2018 was officially declared closed, yet even today, the session remains present within each participant. The Forum took place from the 9th until the 15th of...

Catarina Bustorff

President of EYP Belgium

“My hands used to shake uncontrollably every time I would have to speak in front of my classroom in high school. Now, I feel confident when delivering a speech in front of 200 people or defending my point of view in a heated discussion. This is only one of the things EYP has taught me: believing in myself, my skills and my beliefs. But it has also humbled me to realise how much I still have to learn. This organisation has truly been a school of life for me where I’ve been inspired by the most passionate and talented young Europeans to go beyond my comfort zone and keep challeging myself.”

Alexandre Inal

Understanding Europe Trainer

“Joining the Belgian team of Understanding Europe is an interesting and enjoyable experience. I have learned some useful communication skills and I have been delighted to be able to share different point of views and some knowledge throughout the crash courses that we have conducted.”